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       nice to see You here!

It means "hey" in Polish. It's so nice to meet You here, thanks stopping by. My name is Ewa and I'm behind Studio Tekturek designs and ideas. 

Studio Tekturek is small scrapbooking company from Poland. We always try to make our designs fresh and versatile, we place great emphasis on modern design, vivid and captivating colors and we do ‘it’ with passion :) Our mission is to bring fun into the scrap-world around us!  Hope You'll find something interesting here.                                                                                            Ewa



Yes, we are looking for collaborators. If you like our products and if you want to work with us, please let us know.


Please feel free to contact Studio Tekturek :)

Contact our Studio

e-mail: office@studiotekturek.com

Wroclaw, POLAND